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Featured Classes

Fondant Flowers
2 hours $60
Learn how to create your own beautiful fondant decorations. From bows and beads to roses and daisies.
Buttercream Basics
1.5 hours $45
Learn how to make gorgeous, silky buttercream frosting in various colours.You will learn several different methods of colouring your frosting including stripes and tips.
2 hours $65
A combination of our other classes. Spend the first hour making your fondant decorations to adorn your cakes and then learn three different piping methods to compliment your fondant toppings.
Floral Celebration Cake
1.5 hours $90
Learn how to make one of our signature 6” layer cakes. Complete with gorgeous piped buttercream, fresh edible flowers, syrups to drizzle, freeze dried fruits, chocolate shards and decorations, mini macarons and meringues.